13 Chapters (4 phases)
Over  10.000 participants
20 Days seeking for “players” around the country
6 Eliminatory instances
45 Days of contact and concentration
3 Important sports matches
150 Days of recording (interviews)
1 Triangular championship
1 Charity match (The Final Match)
1 Selection team, 3 finalists, one winner (the biggest prize)
1 Football club (where the show takes place)

A Reality Show and a Docu-Soap that will discover to the new stars of the youthful soccer.  A program televised that along 16 chapters will show the transformation of “participating” with sports conditions in professional players.  In the four phases that conform the structure of the program, the youthful would surpassing soccer tests of evaluation until the jury manage to give first with a select group of players and then with a winner.  The prize for the most noticeable one will be the obtaining of a contract of representation and the management of its pair to play in teams of first division of the country and/or of the foreigner.

Supercrack will show in each phase, the illusions and yearnings of the participants, its histories of life, its origins, its ownership to different social classes, the support, the resistance, or the excessive pressure of parents, family, friends.  Besides, the conflicts by the position, the progress or the stagnation in the training, the fight by the leadership, the capacity to work in team versus the desire to be emphasized individually, etc., and in final, the success or the failure of each participant in its aspiration to be become a star inside an exciting environment: the world of the soccer.

The program will be divided into 4 phases that will develop along 13 chapters.

Phase 1: It combines the mega assembly in an important Football  stadium of the Capital city (around 12000 contenders), with a search carried out during all a month by different locations of the interior of the country.  In this search we will find boys playing in the street of any small town, future talents inside a “stung” in a rural school, even that by timidity itself is not encouraged to be presented but al which all its neighbors emphasize like a youth “Maradona”.  The participants that approach to a  mega casting should pass for several tests, in the next alone instance they will remain some 500 that will have to carry out specific and even more hard exams.  We will go knowing who are, which are their dreams and frustrations, their families and of where come.  The ones that surpass the new verdict of the Jury will expect in their houses the call that will open or not the road to the glory.  We will record that wait, we are going to be able to see their exitation and we will know their intimacy.  They will remain selected a hundred participants.  But the number is still excessive to carry out a sports work conscientiously.  Only it should remain the half of the chosen, 50, that will be the participants that will pass to the phase of the Olympic Village.  Jury and technical Body are taken approximately a week to analyze the technical reports and the videos where are seen the performances of the a hundred players

Phase 2: Once chosen the 50, each member of the jury calls to a number of participants (between 10 and 15), to communicate them the decision.  The moment is of great tension, and the jury handles the suspense, so that the participant do not know to last moment if he has passed or not.  We will see how travel the ones that come since the interior, as say goodbye to his families, as go rising al micro, one to one, as go knowing, as go arriving and discovering, from to little, the road to the glory.  The fifty they selected will concentrate on the “Olympic Village”, place where they will carry out a professional training and where will be treaties as true footballers.  Here, besides training will have the possibility to show their capacities set against other youthful assemblies of different professional clubs. The competence and the pressure enlarges: each one knows that in its placed can be occupied for another boy.  And this it can shoot different situations and reactions of the boys before a setting where will be felt pressured and stressed.

Another predominant factor will be the isolation with the homes, friends, family or girlfriends.  Later if there it is observed with a great deal of attention and to see the reports of the coaches the jury will carry out a new elimination.

Phase 3:  The 25 participants that passed the elimination live a week of concentration.  It will be the beginning of the dispute by the positions; remain very few and in a pair of weeks another elimination will be carried out.  As an evaluation instance other two parties against external teams are carried out al programs and of similar sports level.  Besides, for the first time, the participants should be faced al public.  The production will be in charge of organizing a party to benefit of an institution of quite public, against a team of famous.  To define the list of the 16 chosen players, the members of the together jury al Director of the Sports Team, they had a long chat in which they treated different themes that untied the polemics.  They present tactical of the team is defined and once the list of the 16 players is defined, arrives that of that the participants know the decision.  Little to little, the players went entering al parlor of the verdict to listen to the jurys and to know its destiny.

Phase 4: The 16 they selected initiate the final section.  No longer they should pass for more instances of elimination, now alone reduces to be faced to the election of the 5 finalists.  To achieve the best of the participants, the Sports Team programs them a still more intensive training.  Parallel, it is sought to reinforce the bonds among the participants as way to consolidate the team.  In the first part of this phase, the team will do a trip to a coastal city.  As if it was a matter of a professional team, they will have to pass for the training of pre-season.  They remain few days for the End, and the team of Road to the Glory should face other commitments and responsibilities.  The final event will be carried out in a mini stadium.  Friends, family and former participants been present.  Special prizes will be delivered as that of fair play and high-scoring, and toward the end of the ceremony, and after naming the five finalists, the sworn one shows who is the winner.

The main factors of interest are the stories and conflicts among participants. The casting would include these possible archetypes:

– The “Small One”.  He considers every posibility before, he knows he is a possible winner.  But by surprise a problem removes him from the program (a wound, a personal drama, etc.).

– The “Heritage Footballer”. His father had arrived to the third division and wants his son to achieve more and pressures him. This is a good son.  He feels that he has to succeed because his father did not.  Has the talent of his father?  More or less?  (Reference player: Claudio Caniggia)

– The “High Class Kid”. He is the best in school, That is its middle, but in the wardrobe of our program is discriminated for being “rich”.  Problems by the lack of support of the father, who wants him to keep on studying. (Reference player: Diego Latorre)

– The “Family Problems Kid”. The boy that is divided among the support of the father and the negative of the mother to participate in the program.

– The “Conflicted Guy”. He has all to succeed. But religious or personal convictions put him in crisis with the profession.

– The one “Supported by The Family”.  He is the boy who feels that has to succeed because family needs.

– The “Orphan”.  Does not have father neither mother (or are absent).  His older brother presses him to get results (Reference player: Walter Samuel).

– The “Talented”.  Great player, but inconsistant.  Have psychological issues, misses his girlfriend, family and friends.  (Reference player: Ariel Ortega)

– The “Twins”. Brother’s footballers in two versions. In version 1, one remains and the other get off the program. In the version 2, both remain in the show and play as rivals.

– The “Cool Guy”. Is skillful but cool. He believes that already passed all the tests, that he will be winner, etc.  But al the last moment, fails.

– The “Leader”. The whole group respects him. A builder inside the court.  He transmits confidence, but  will show a weak point.

– The “Selfish”. He is talented, but only thinks about himself, He doesn´t establish any bonds, nor in the field and neither in life. He wants everyone to play for him.

– The “Lazy One”. He is the talented player that does not want to practice. His lazieness puts in risk his continuity in the program by not reaching the objectives. His crisis is introduced before the evidence that talent is not enogh.  (Reference player: René Houseman)

– The “Gentleman”. He plays with fair play, never complains, and does not protest the failures of the referee. He is a role model.  Some make fun of him, because is the opposite from the prototype of the quickness native.  (Referring: Osvaldo Ardiles)

– The “Tircky One”. He represents the “native quickness”. He is a smart guy who knows every trick. Usually takes advantage from any situation (distractions, simulations, fouls not seen by the referee, etc.). (Reference player: Héctor Enrique, Oscar Ruggeri).

– Supercarck is a multiplatform, format, a promotional, advertising, and media product that permits to achieve an optimum development of commercial possibilities.

– The commercial strategy of the program rests on two fundamental premises:
The work as a group with a series of Partners belonging to the most diverse Media of Communications industry .
The fact that sponsor brands are integrated to the content of the program

“Supercrack” does not function alone as a TV program, but produces contents for Radio, Internet, the Graphic Press, Cable TV and spots in other TV programs.  These multiple variables to target audiences allow that a commercial proposal address the needs of a variety of clients.

In turn, brands get profit from a commercial package that includes: seconds in TV, pages in magazines, direct contact with the target objective, Internet visibility, plus the possibility to create custom-made promotional actions according to marketing  demands.

The presence of brands inside the program is integrated to the contents, avoiding skillful presences that can obtain a contrary effect.  The fact that the audience watches their dreams reflected in the achievements of the participants, leads the representation of the sponsors in a way in which clients can be approached positively.

Supercrack is the first “Docu-Soap” that seeks to discover the next stars of the professional soccer.  It is presented like an original proposal never before developed, that FITS a great range of products.



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